5 Easy Skin Care Resolutions You Need to Make NOW!

5 Easy Skin Care Resolutions You Need to Make Today.

If there’s a resolution you need to make this year, one of them should be to pay more attention to your skin. When your skin looks good, you feel good. Here are 5 promises you need to make to yourself to achieve glowing and healthy skin.

1. I promise to always wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 15+ will do your skin a lot of good. The skin needs extra protection from the harmful UV rays that the sun emits. This is an absolute must year-round.

2. I promise to never go to bed without washing my face. Whether it’s makeup or just being out, our faces get dirt throughout the day. It is necessary that when we go to bed, our skin is clean and free of dirt and oil. Wash your face twice every day – once in the morning and once at night.

3. I promise to use a moisturizer. Your skin needs moisture especially after washing your face. When you wash your face, you strip your skin of the natural oil that your body produces. It is important to replenish your skin with hydration and a moisturizer can do just that. However, not all moisturizers are the same. Look for one that matches your skin type. Heavy creams may not be ideal for people that have oily skin and light creams might not be ideal for people who have dry skin so do your research first.

4. I promise to keep drinking water. Drinking water does so much good for your skin and your body entirely. When you’re fully hydrated, your skin looks plump and vibrant. Plump skin equals fewer wrinkles and fine lines so drink up! The Institute of Medicine advises to take 13 cups (3 liters) liters of total beverage consumption for men and roughly 9 cups (2.2) liters of total beverage consumption for women a day.

5. I promise to exfoliate at least once every two weeks. Exfoliation is a must for skin regeneration. Our skin exfoliates itself roughly every 28-40 days. But it’s a good idea to help your skin get rid of excess dead skin through exfoliation. Chemical peels are great exfoliators. Try Perfect Image’s Gly + Sal Exfoliating Body Lotion or Perfect Image’s Sample Peel Pack.

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