5 Ways To Keep Yourself Glowing While On The Road

Your foolproof  travel routine

Holiday travel can be hard on the mind, body, and budget. 

You’re more likely to grab bad food in airports, drink less water, and move less. Add that on top of the accumulated stress of packing, getting to the airport, and being surrounded by other harried travelers, and it seems like we’ve got ourselves the perfect conditions for our skin to go haywire.  

All for the sake of a good time! Rest assured though there are some tips you can apply to make traveling less hectic. 


Use a moisturizing mask the night before, and possibly opt for a thicker moisturizer to protect for your upcoming trip. The low humidity on planes can significantly parch your skin. Not to mention the upcoming holiday drinking and treats that could deplete your skin due to high sugar, fat, and alcohol content. Stash up on H20, pre, during, and post-flight. Skip the coffee and free mini cocktail to keep your skin from becoming more dehydrated. (They don’t really taste that good anyway!)

While on your holiday strive to maintain a balanced diet while indulging here and there on a treat or cocktail.

Carry an eye-roller 

Not only can they be irritating but dry, red eyes are always a dead give away to your body’s state, whether due to sleeplessness, dehydration, or other irritation. Whether it’s catching a red-eye flight, the low humidity in the cabin, or strained eyes from hours of holiday traffic, your eyes can take a beating on traveling days. Keep either redness-reducing eye drops, an eye-roller, or depuffing eye cream in your bag to brighten tired eyes. 

Go light on the make-up while in the flight 

Going barefaced, (at least skipping heavy moisturizer) is key when traveling if you will be on a long flight (6 or more hours). If it’s a short trip you’re probably fine to leave it on.  People tend to be more breakout-prone while flying (hello stress, germs, and poor sleep). Leaving makeup or heavy creams on for too long could clog your pores and put more stress on your skin. 

Opt for a hydrating tinted moisturizer and if you decide to snooze, keep some facial wipes in your bag just in case. 

Hand sanitizer 

Did you know that when you fly an average of 1 out of 5 people get sick afterward? Eck. It is well known that planes are crawling with germs. 

Colds, kids, and new germs are lurking all around planes. Be sure to carry hand sanitizer and try to not touch your face. You don’t want to risk getting that bacteria on your face when your skin is already facing a number of stressors. 

Hair spray or oil 

Chances are that after a few hours on a plane, snoozing or being crammed up against the window, your hair may look a bit off. Plane rides can leave hair static-y because of the lack of moisture in the cabin. A quick spray of hair spray or a dab of hair oil will help smooth flyaways and make you look more put together. 


Traveling can cause a host of problems not related to your skin so make sure to take small steps to make the process easier. There’s no need to add more stress to your traveling plans so simplify your routine and take care of your body. Your skin and mental health will thank you for it. 


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