Perfect Image came together by an idea that manufacturing specialized products which incorporated high-performance, validated ingredients would result in real change. Perfect Image quickly recognized this was something that the industry lacked, and that most products on the market simply did not have ingredients in effective concentrations.The goal was to help people achieve a better image of themselves both externally and from within, by giving them that extra boost of confidence we all deserve. Perfect Image began research in 2006 with a team of chemists producing clinically advanced peel products for the skincare industry. The team focused entirely on safe, yet effective ingredient concentrations based on scientific studies and clinical research.

Since then, Perfect Image has experienced tremendous sales growth and has become one of the fastest growing, trusted, and innovative skincare companies in the peel industry. Perfect Image’s FDA registered and cGMP compliant facility uses scientifically advanced formulations to develop and manufacture professional, high quality, pharmaceutical grade (USP) products.

Our unique line of skin peels is developed using the latest research biotechnology and resources in the industry to formulate a solution focused entirely on yielding true satisfying results. We are excited to be able to offer specialized skin preparations to the professional skincare industry and to those who are in search of extraordinary results.