Benefits of Facial Massages to your Skin

Benefits of Facial Massages to your Skin

Facial massage or also known as “Face Yoga” is highly recommended! Incorporating a facial massage into your daily regimen is not only relaxing but it has amazing benefits to how your skin looks and feels. Here are some of those benefits.

• Better Circulation: massages provide better circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen and blood flow to the areas being massaged. That in turn makes the skin healthier making it more equipped to fight of infection and bacteria that it might get in contact with. Also, better circulation makes your skin look more plump making it look younger and healthier.

• Releases Tension: massages also release tension. That’s one of the main reasons why people love getting massages. Massages relieve stress in the body. Facial massages can detox the facial area which releases the toxins in the skin making you less vulnerable to break outs and other hormonal imbalance.

• Natural Facelift: Naturally, our facial muscles are tense when at rest in order to be ready for action when needed. Facial massages help decrease this tension. They also help stabilize muscle tone. As we grow old, we lose muscle tone and collagen. Facial massages can help increase muscle tone and strength and tighten the facial muscles giving it a natural facelift.

• Fights wrinkles: Facial massages help with better circulation and they also boost collagen production. A healthy collagen production is nature’s botox. It helps our skin look more plump and full. When our face looks plump and full, we look younger and we have fewer wrinkles since collagen fills up wrinkles. Facial massages help boost collagen production leading to fewer, less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines. Who doesn’t want that?

So how do we massage our faces?

First, you can go to a professional salon or spa OR you can also do it yourself!

Here is an article a step-by-step instructions on how to give yourself that beautiful and relaxing facial massage by

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