Benefits of At-Home Peels

Doing chemical peels may seem intimidating to some people but at-home peels are more popular than ever! There are so many benefits to doing chemical peels on your skin not to mention your wallet. Here are a few of the many benefits of trying chemical peels right at your home:

Skin Improvements

Chemical peels can smooth fine lines and wrinkles. They also exfoliate the skin, which increases cell turn over rate, collagen, and elastic production. They can also help control acne and oil, and give you a healthy glow.


An average peel done at salons can cost $65-$300 or even more. Comparing to salon costs, at-home peels are definitely more affordable. A bottle of a Perfect Image chemical peel will also give you multiple treatments saving you hundreds of dollars even thousands per year. Are you sold yet?


At-home peels are a great alternative to salon peels simply for having it available at your own home. No need to make weekly or monthly appointments. You can get that smooth, glowing skin anytime you want saving you time and money. You also can perform different peels on different parts of the body without having to feel awkward at a salon or a doctor’s office. You can get them done ANY time.

Professional Care

Perfect Image is readily available to help old and new customers with any questions they may have in purchasing and performing chemical peels. We are always here to help! In fact, we encourage everyone to reach out. We want everyone to have a safe peeling and effective peeling at home.

But remember, chemical peels have stronger ingredients than your typical drugstore cosmetics (and that’s why they are more effective). Please make sure you read all labels and instructions before use. When in doubt, contact us at Perfect Image or your dermatologist and ask them if chemical peels are right for you.

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