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Perfect Image loves collaborating with bloggers and influencers of all sizes! We feel this is the perfect opportunity for you to discover, new innovative skincare products and share these with your loyal followers. We take great pride in developing only specialized, high-quality, skincare preparations which focus on true results. Our products are designed to give each person the opportunity to experience professional results safely at home from products which are not offered in retail stores. We know your followers will love sharing this experience with you, and will thank you for introducing them to new possibilities.

We at Perfect Image, not only believe in external beauty, but in helping others to find their true inner beauty. We want others to feel a certain way about our products after using them. We believe if we can increase or boost one’s confidence level or self esteem by changing the way they feel about their skin, then this will help them to feel better about themselves from the inside out.

We believe we can work together with you to make a difference in the lives of others. Your followers will be forever grateful, and we will feel better about how we contributed to this. We would love to establish a long term relationship with you. Together we can make a difference.

We work and have relationships with all kinds of bloggers from Beauty and health, to lifestyle and fashion. Please contact us today to start your new professional product adventure!

When emailing us:

  • Please include a link to your social media accounts and or blog sites when inquiring.
  • Please also email us from an email listed on one of your social accounts, this is to protect you and us from fraudulent inquiries posing to own certain blog sites or social pages.