Mission – Support the Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Perfect Image Teamed up with Sashaleahovcenco.com and Power in Truth organizations to help and support victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. Most of the people in the city of Tacloban lost everything they had because of the devastation. Families were torn apart, family members lost, countless homes completely destroyed, everything they worked for in their entire life was gone. Perfect Image strongly believes that we all need to come together as one, and lift the spirits of these people, and help restore their homes and families. Inner beauty is true beauty. Let’s work together to bring a smile back to the lives of the people who suffered such a painful, life altering event.



Restoring Jobs, Security, and Hope – Part of the funds went to building this green house in Tacloban, Philippines. The building is on it’s way to completion and once it’s built, many people will be provided jobs that will help support multiple families in that area.











Restoring Families – This is Christopher, he told our partner Sasha, that typhoon Yolanda destroyed his home and now has been working long hours in order to provide for his family and kids. He wishes to one day rebuild his home. The good news is that working with Sasha and Power in Truth, we were able to bring all the materials for Christopher’s new home and in two months he will have a new house for him and his family.


Please help team up with us to support these families in need. We will continue to help and support Sasha and Power In Truth and all the work they are doing over there for those in need. By helping them rebuild their house, restore their belongings, you help them get back their lives. This is something powerful, this is inner beauty.

To get involved or donate to a specific cause with Power In Truth, click here.

Mission – Support Efforts of Sex Trafficking Organizations

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Perfect Image believes in supporting causes that change logopeoples lives. A portion of our sales go to Blue heart International, a non-profit organization focused on rescuing children from sex trafficking and giving the survivors a place to work, live, and learn what it means to be loved for the first time. Perfect Image not only believes in external beauty but beauty which comes from the heart. By giving these children a chance to live life, free from trafficking, helps them to rebuild their self-confidence, and begins to transform their image and self worth from the inside out. There is nothing more important than inner beauty.










Smey and Liz shared their heartfelt story’s about how they were rescued, and how it changed their lives forever. We are all moved and inspired by their courage and strength. Please join Perfect Image in the fight today, and give these young children hope to a brighter future and to learn what it means to be loved for the first time. Together we can all make a difference in the lives of children all over the world!


MISSION – Shriners Children’s Hospital

For halloween- Perfect Image, Activfilms, SBS Media House, and Dreams n’ Drivers teamed up to bring the most realistic superhero experience to the kids at Shriners Children’s Hospital this year. Most of these children are not able to leave the hospital during the holidays, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring halloween to them by dressing up as their favorite superheroes.


We didn’t realize something as simple as this could really make a positive difference in the lives of these kids. We loved visiting and interacting with the kids just as much as they liked seeing us dressed as superheroes. Much appreciation and respect to the hospital staff for all that they do for the kids. God Bless.

Special thanks to Kym Lindenmuth and Alan Anderson, director of Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.




MISSION – Student Support after Yolanda in the Philippines

Recently our friend Pastor Glenn from a local church in the Philippines came to us with some concerns. He stated that after Yolanda there was an organization that sponsored ten students in their church with school supplies, tuition fees, and transportation. The  length of the sponsorship was suppose to be until the students graduated. Unfortunately Pastor Glenn received a phone call from the sponsorship program, informing him they were no longer able to continue their commitment to sponsor the students. Perfect Image made a decision to pick up where they left off, and to support these students until they graduate. We believe every person deserves a chance to do the best they can in life, and the least we could do is supply them with the necessary tools they need in order to accomplish this.


*2 Months later after Perfect Image sent funds to support these students, they are back in school and regularly attending church services.

A message from Pastor Glenn:
This is our enrolled students to public schools.
Three college and seven high school.
By God’s grace they are active attending church services and that’s our main goal.
To God be the glory!!!
Pastor Glenn