Fact or Fiction: Skin Care Edition

Fact or Fiction: Skin Care Edition

Let’s look at some well known ‘rules’ about skin care and see if they are fact or fiction!

1. Washing your face as often as possible is good for the skin.

FICTION: Washing your face more than twice a day can cause irritation to your skin.

3. Sleeping on your back prevents wrinkles.

FACT: Sleeping on your sides instead of your back can smoosh your face into the pillow, which deepens natural lines and creates new ones.

4. A hot shower can refresh skin and clean out pores.

FICTION: Staying lukewarm is the way to go when you’re in the tub or shower. Hot showers, no matter the season, leave skin dry and strip essential oils from the skin.

5. People with oily skin shouldn’t use moisturizers.

FICTION: People with oily skin shouldn’t skip moisturizing their skin. They just need to use a lightweight, oil free formula.

6. Having sex helps fight aging.

FACT: Having sex releases hormones that are anti-inflammatory and fight aging and stress hormones.

7. Caffeine is an anti-aging tool.

FACT: But don’t start drinking pots of coffee a day! Caffeine in beauty products can repair stretch marks and fine lines by closing blood vessels, which temporarily helps the appearance of saggy or puffy skin.

8. Doing yoga in the morning can reduce dark circles.

FACT: Exercising when you first wake up is not only good for your health but also good for your skin. Doing some downward facing dog or an inversion help reverse blood flow and can reduce dark circles.

9. Eating chocolate causes breakout.

FACT/FICTION: This one is tricky. There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence that says chocolate directly causes breakouts. However, high sugar/ high fat foods can increase sebum production that can cause acne-prone skin to break out so if you’re a chocolate lover but is scared of breakouts, the best thing to do is to limit your chocolate consumption.

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