Fading Scars with Coconut Oil

Fading scars with coconut oil

Scars can cause many insecurities, but fading them can improve the skins overall appearance.

The fatty acids in coconut oil work like antioxidants and because of the moisture, it helps fade the appearance of scars. The Vitamin E it contains stimulates cell turn over rate, which results in collagen build up for healing purposes. If applied, your skin becomes stronger and improves texture as well. Skin damage can be prevented by applying coconut oil. Not only that, but it is also thought to reverse already damaged skin.

The recommended coconut oil to use is “cold pressed virgin coconut oil or “VCO”

Apply it 3-4 times a day. Put a small amount on the scar, massage it for 5 mins, after 10 mins, you can either leave it on or wash it off with warm water. (only use on scars that are fully healed)

Try avoiding exposure to the sun, though its best to apply and leave on overnight.

Your diet can also help speed up the process of fading scars with coconut oil. Its recommending to drink plenty of water and eat organic foods.

If you have a very severe scar, advanced treatment may be required, so it’s best to seek professional help first before trying at home remedies.

Keep in mind that older scars won’t vanish completely but the appearance can be reduced if applied daily.

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