Fall Skin Care Routine

Seasonal Skincare Swaps 


You have your skincare routine perfected. You know what you use, when you use it, and you are glowing. Why would you change your skincare products when they’re doing exactly what you want them to? Well, they might be perfect for the current season, but before you know it fall and winter and everything pumpkin spice will be among us. 

Just like we slip from flip-flops to booties and tanks to cardigans, your skincare routine needs to fall in line with the seasons. Changes in the season will affect your skin. Make sure you’re taking the right steps to have a smooth transition. A few tweaks to your routine can help you protect your skin and emerge from the winter months with healthy and beautiful skin. 

  1. Swap out your moisturizer 

Depending on your location your light summer moisturizer might not provide the protection you need during those winter months. Swapping it out for a richer, more nourishing option will help replenish your skin from the harsh conditions and prevent thirsty skin. Consider adding a facial oil to add extra hydration and suppleness as the temperatures drop. 

  1. Shorter showers, less hot showers

While it doesn’t seem ideal to compromise on your luxuriously hot showers in the coldest months, your skin will thank you in the long run. Hot showers are a killer to your skin’s moisture barrier. They strip the natural oils from your face, body, and hair, leaving you to overcompensate with the products for the loss of hydration. Try taking shorter, lukewarm showers and save your skin the hassle. And it’s better for the earth. 

  1. Gentle Exfoliation

Take it easy with the exfoliators if you’re prone to winter dryness. The frigid winter air can cause your skin to crack and it can lead to inflammation, and exfoliating already irritated skin doesn’t help you get back your glow. 

If you live in an especially cold place, more times than not the chilly temperatures zap the moisture from your skin. Over exfoliating can be a recipe for redness and sensitivity, and we know you’re into the holiday, but no one needs to look like Rudolf (unless for whatever reason you do, then by all means proceed). 

Cut back to a weekly exfoliation using gentle acids. A light peel or a low concentration acid toner is a great way to still maintain your glow without compromising your moisture and skin protection. 

  1. Take a look at your cleansers, toners, and masks

If the summer humidity and heat have you using oil zapping cleansers and harsh toners and masks, the change of seasons is a great time to dial that back. The change in weather will have a drying effect and if using too harsh of skin products you actually risk creating more oil by overdrying. Try using cream-based cleansers and hydrating toners with glycerin, vitamin E, or hyaluronic acid. Adding moisture-retaining ingredients will help protect your skin and help keep it clear and balanced. 

A hydrating mask used twice a week can help keep skin smooth during this time. While it might seem like a lot, your natural oils are naturally being depleted in the winter and it’s important to maintain your moisture levels. 

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