Get your lips Valentine’s Day Ready!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Don’t let chapped lips get in the way of the perfect smooch with your loved one. Here are 6 easy remedies for curing rough, chapped lips.

6 Chapped Lips Remedies

1. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is very effective to remedy dry lips instantly. Use Vitamin E tablets available in drug stores. Poke a hole on the tablet with a needle and apply the oil on your lips before going to bed and leave it overnight.
2. Honey: Honey has a powerful antibacterial and healing properties that are excellent for treating and nourishing cracked lips. Apply daily for 15 minutes.
3. Aloe Vera: take out aloe vera juice and apply 2-3 times a day to cure dry lips.
4. Coconut Oil: apply 3-4 times a day to add moisture on your lips.
5. Cucumber: cucumber juice or a slice of cucumber applied to your lips will make chapped lips smooth and soft.
6. Lip Scrub: Exfoliate chapped lips with 1 tbsp. brown sugar, 1 squirt of honey, 1 drop of vanilla.

But here’s how to avoid getting chapped lips. Chapped lips can be caused by dehydration, exposure to the sun, and harsh weather. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day especially when out in the sun. Also, apply lip balm on your lips with SPF protection to avoid sunburn.

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