How to Look Radiant with No Make Up

Some days you’re jazzed about a new lipstick and putting on your makeup makes you feel amazing, and other days just thinking about putting on chapstick seems like a Herculean feat. The problem for a lot of women is that on the days they’re not feeling like a full face, they also don’t tend to feel confident sans makeup. 

With some routine consistency and a few adjustments, feeling your best is really easier than you think. 


Dry, dull skin isn’t a look we want to sport, and plump, hydrated skin translates into overall radiance. Guzzle some H2O upon waking up and slap on a hydrating sheet mask while making your breakfast. The extra boost will smooth the overall appearance of the skin and give you a glow. Look for one with hyaluronic acid or ceramides to trap in moisture.


This step should be a staple in your routine and will greatly help you on the days you decide to ditch the makeup. Routine exfoliation helps rejuvenate the skin and sloughs away debris and buildup for a brighter look. Choose a gentle exfoliator that will brighten, like Microlumina Exfoliating Facial Scrub. If you’re going sans makeup the last thing you want is a pink face from over scrubbing. 

Tone/brightening products 

Vitamin C products are your friend! Known for protecting your skin against free radicals and brightening, look for a serum or toner that contains vitamin C to slather on your face. Be sure to use some sunscreen as vitamin C can make some people’s skin more sensitive to the sun. 

Facial oil and massage 

After cleansing and toning, dab on some facial oil and gently massage your face in upward circles for 3 minutes. This will increase blood flow and oxygen to your face while eliminating toxins. Not to mention, it’s great at reducing anxiety and stress, which we all know wreaks havoc on your skin. 

Maybe use a little makeup 

If you’re still not feeling like putting on makeup but you can’t stand going out with it, try using just concealer to brighten up the eye areas and small blemishes, a light swipe of mascara, a tinted lip balm. That’s enough to define your features and makeup you look easily put together while still giving your face a break from all the heaviness of a normal full face.

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