Let’s Talk about Sex…and Skin

Too Busy to Get Busy?

The effects of sex on your body and mind are so numerous that it almost seems like snake oil. From improving cardiovascular and brain health to emotional wellbeing, to warding off the common cold and flu, it seems like it’s too good to be true. 

But the science is in, and sex is good for you on multiple fronts, and there are plenty of reasons to clear your schedule for a romp. 

Skin benefits of sex are commonly known as the “glow” but there are legitimate skin benefits from having regular sex. Here a few reasons why hitting the sheets helps you look your best. 


Cardio Benefits 

The cardio benefits from sex are a great way to increase blood flow and circulation which leads to the infamous “glow”. When your circulation increases your cells have more oxygen which nourishes and rejuvenates your skin. 

It also helps reduce acne. Just like any exercise will help clear your pores, sex is no exception. Working up a sweat helps decongest your skin by clearing out the toxin that gets stuck in your pores, resulting in an overall healthier skin environment. 

Happy chemicals 

We all know that stress can wreak havoc on your skin. 

Endorphins are natural stress and pain killers. They’re naturally produced in our bodies when we do something that triggers the reward center in our brain. Aside from sex, they are often released by exercise, food, and close relationships, and these feel-good chemicals play a big role in your skin by helping reduce stress. They interact with the receptors for pain perception and they boost your overall sense of well-being. They’ve been shown to reduce overall stress and the prevalence of anxious behaviors and provide a host of anti-inflammatory benefits. All of these combined can help lower your cortisol levels which in turn boosts your skin health. 

Balances hormones 

Sex changes your hormone levels. When you have sex your estrogen levels get a boost which can lead to healthier, smoother skin. It’s been shown that sex can help reduce premenstrual breakouts by balancing the hormones that would cause those time of the month zits to pop up. 

Improves sleep 

Sleep is vital to restoring your skin and sex has been shown to improve your sleep. As your levels of cortisol drop, your brain fires off a host of happy chemicals,  and upon an orgasm, the body releases a chemical called prolactin that creates a wonderful drowsy and relaxed feeling, all to create a perfect sleepy cocktail. Sex helps you sleep deeper and more restfully, which is heaven for your skin. 

Overall reduces signs of aging 

A study showed that middle-aged adults that had an active sex life looked on average 7 years younger than those that didn’t. Having sex 3-4 times a week improves hydration, elasticity, collagen production for overall plumper, more refreshed looking skin. 


The additional health benefits of sex coupled with its anti-aging properties show that aging is a holistic process. Better sleep, circulation, and happiness will all contribute to the state of your skin health and the appearance of youth. 

Looking and feeling good can never be boiled down to one thing, but it does seem like if you had to choose something to add, sex should be on the top of your skincare and self-care list. 


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