Let’s Talk about Sex…and Skin

Here are 5 wonderful benefits of sexual activity when it comes to your skin.

1. The Glow: have you noticed that after having sex with your partner, your skin gets this illuminating glow? It’s true. During intercourse, your blood pumps stronger and circulation is better. Thus, oxygen goes to your skin giving you that glowing skin.

2. Controls Acne: since sex is a form of exercise, sex balances hormone levels and reduces toxins. The result, healthier skin and hair!

3. Fights Aging: intercourse promotes collagen production. Collagen helps reduce fine line and wrinkles making your face look more plump and younger.

4. Complexion: pregnancy and birth control can help your complexion. Pregnancy glow is one of the benefits to having a bun in the oven. But if you aren’t ready to make that big commitment just to have a beautiful complexion, birth controls help too. While pregnant or on birth control, your hormones are more balanced and regulated giving you a blemish-free complexion that everyone wants.

5. Cleans out Pores: working up a sweat clears up the skin. Sexual activity requires a great amount of energy and can make you sweat. Just be sure to shower, rinse, or wipe away your sweat so it doesn’t dry up and clog your pores even more.

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