Skin Care Tips for Different Ages: 20s

Skin Care Tips for Your 20s

In your 20s, there is a lot of things that are happening to your skin. You can have your break outs due to your changing your hormones. People also tend to be active at this time which you can be enjoying the outdoors a lot more or also sweating a lot which can be a little stressful to your skin so here are some skin care tips to keep in mind in your 20s.

• Don’t think the sun is harmless. Use sunblock.
• Your skin won’t be elastic forever. Start the anti-aging process soon.
• Get your body used to exercising.
• See a dermatologist if you have acne.
• Don’t use tanning beds.
• DON’T Smoke!
• Avoid drinking.
• If you don’t have money to buy good skin care products, DIY cleansers and masks are your friend.