Skin Care Tips for Gym Goers

Skin Care Tips when Going to the Gym or Working Out

Exercising has great benefits to your skin and the overall well-being of your body. But did you know that going to the gym can cause your skin to break out? The gym harbors a lot of nasty germs. Imagine all that sweat and transfers of bacteria in handling the different equipment by hundreds of people. What can you do to protect your skin from breaking out because of the gym? Here are 5 skincare tips to keep in mind to protect your skin from breakouts when working out.

1. Do not touch your face.
A study by National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD
said that people touch their faces an average of 3.6 times every hour. Our hands can carry a host of bacteria and the gym is one of the places where germs are everywhere. We also have oils that can transfer from our hands to our faces that can clog our pores so be mindful of not touching your face especially when you’re at the gym.
2. Skip the makeup.
Ok ladies, we all know we’re guilty of this. I know that it can be uncomfortable going to the gym or anywhere in public without your make-up but for your skin’s sake, try without it when you’re at the gym or working out. When your body is active, your face heats up and your pores open up. If there is make-up on your face, chances are it’ll go into your pores. Your skin needs to breathe. If you absolutely cannot go out without make-up, look for products that are non-comedogenic meaning non-clogging. But do try to wipe your face before you work out.
3. Wash your face post-workout.
This may be a no brainer but taking a shower and washing your face after working out does your body and your skin some good. After all that sweating and exposure to germs, your skin would want/need washing. Look for a cleanser that is right for your skin type and won’t dry out your skin too much.
4. Bring toner pads with you.
Another good post-workout skincare regimen is bringing toner pads or cotton pads that are pre-soaked with product that contain salicylic or glycolic acid. These chemical peels can take off excess dirt and oil or make-up after your work out. Having them pre-soaked and ready to go, will help you become more diligent in applying them. Try Perfect Image’s Tri-Clarity Peel Pads.

5. Bring your own face towel.
A face towel is always a good idea to have on hand when you’re working out. It’s better to wipe your sweat with a clean towel rather than using your hands (see tip #1). Also, bring your own personal face towel rather than borrowing the gym’s towels. This will assure you of when and how it was cleaned especially if you’re allergic to some detergents. Towels that are not too plushy are ideal so they don’t trap bacteria.

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