How Smoking Affects Your Skin

How Smoking Affects your Skin

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Smoking has harmful effects on your heart, lungs, brain, and your sex life! But do you know that smoking can ruin your good looks as well? Here are some more reasons to kick the nasty habit when it comes to skin care.

1. Smoking can cause saggy, unrested eyes. It’s believed that smoking can cause tossing and turning at night because of nicotine withdrawal. Not getting enough sleep at night can cause tired looks and looking tired doesn’t look pretty.

2. Wrinkles. Smoking limits the blood supply, which then causes premature ageing. The experts say that smokers, on average, look 1.4 years older compared to non-smokers. A healthy blood flow helps the skin to look plump and rosy and if you smoke, you decrease your blood supply making you look older. Also, the repetitive motion of inhaling and sucking a cigarette causes deep lines around the mouth which equates to more wrinkles.

3. Skin stains. Not only does smoking have bad effects on your teeth like decaying and staining them but smoking also stains your skin. Smokers sometimes develop yellow fingers and nails from holding their cigarettes. Although there are at-home remedies to combat these effects, it would just be more beneficial overall to quit, right?

4. Deeper scars. Since smoking limits the blood supply, your tissue takes longer to heal when you have a cut or a wound. This leads to a deeper, more prominent scarring.

5. No glow. Have you ever noticed that smokers’ skin look a bit more pale than normal? This is because cigarettes contain carbon monoxide. Inhaling carbon monoxide reduces that ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to tissues in the body. Like what we’ve established so far, a healthy blood supply is very important to your body and to your skin. A reduction of blood supply can leave your skin dry, discolored, saggy, and wrinkly. You don’t want that.

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