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Back and Body Acne and How to Get Rid of it

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Do you have back acne (bac-ne) or body acne and want to get rid of it? Some people suffer from acne on their back, chest, upper arms, and sometimes legs. This type of acne can come from clogged hair follicles called folliculutis that is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Bacne can also beContinue Reading

How to Zap Zits Fast!

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How to Zap Zits Fast! Have you ever had a pimple pop up at the worst time- maybe the night before a blind date, or the morning of picture day at school? Why can’t all pimples just come out when we’re in hibernation in winter and we don’t see the light of day? Well inContinue Reading

How to Zap Zits Fast Series (Part 2)

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  Want to know how to zap those pesky zits fast? Follow these easy and genius tips. 5. Aspirin: crush an aspirin tablet and add a couple of drops of water and mix it well. Apply to the affected area and let the paste dry or leave overnight. Aspirin is anti-inflammatory that helps reduce swelling. 6.Continue Reading