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Beauty Rest: How Sleep Affects the Skin

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How Sleep Affects the Skin Not getting enough sleep causes: • Dark under eyes…because blood vessels dilate when you don’t get enough rest • Dull skin…from slower collagen production • Inflammation…causing a weaker immune system • Premature aging…skin can’t repair itself faster More Sleep Time Means… • Glowing Skin • More Elasticity • Less WrinklesContinue Reading

All About “Chemical Peels”

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If you are considering a chemical peel, you may have a lot of questions about how they work, what they do, and what to expect during and after you use one – let us fill you in! A chemical peel has many different names and can also be referred to as a resurfacer, facial peel,Continue Reading

15 Questions to Ask Yourself About Skin Peels – Part 3

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 Part 1 (questions 1-5) | Part 2 (questions 6-10) Does the product incorporate many other skin-benefiting ingredients—including natural plant, and botanical extracts, rich antioxidants, and nutrients? Does the manufacturer proudly proclaim that it’s a cruelty-free company—that it simply doesn’t believe in the experimentation and testing of products on animals for any reason? Does the productContinue Reading

Considering an At-Home Skin Peel?

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A Chemist And Skin-Care Product Creator Suggests Asking 15 Questions to Help You Decide If you’ve tried—or are thinking of trying— a chemical peel product at home, there are certain questions you’ll need to answer.  As you decide on not only the product but also on the level of exfoliant you need to keep inContinue Reading