The Surprising Skin Care Benefits of Garlic

The Surprising Skin Care Benefits of Garlic

Garlic might not be your first choice when it comes to skin care especially with that funky smell that comes with it. But before you dismiss it completely, did you know that garlic is one element that has been valued, for over 5,000 years for its ability to provide skin benefits?

Garlic has large amount of allicin present in it and allicin has antifungal, anti-aging and skin smoothing benefits. It is also known to increase antioxidant levels of the skin and body.
Sulphur present in garlic prevents infections and helps in reducing inflammation. It also enhances blood flow thus giving the skin a natural glow.

1. Acne, pimples and spot treatment:
Allicin has antifungal properties which can be used to get rid of those stubborn acne that have been giving you sleepless nights.
a. Just cut a freshly piece of raw garlic and apply a little pressure on it to release some juice and then rub this garlic pod onto the affected area. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water. You’ll see a reduction in redness and swelling within the day. Also this helps in prevention of acne leaving behind marks on your skin.
b. Another simple technique to get rid of acne using garlic is mixing juice from 2-3 pods of garlic with equal quantity of white vinegar and applying it to the affected area. The white vinegar helps in maintaining the skin’s pH levels while garlic fights infection.

2. Blackhead and whitehead removal:
One of the most common skin problems is blackheads. Their occurrence is particularly very high when you have oily skin.
a. Take 2-3 cloves garlic and crush them. Add 1 tbsp. of oatmeal, 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and half tsp. lemon juice. Mix these ingredients with honey to form a thick paste. Spread a thin layer of this paste onto clean skin. After letting it sit for 2-3 minutes, gently exfoliate your face followed by a rinse with warm water. Use this mask two to three times in a week to see a visible reduction in blackheads.

3. Anti-aging and pore minimizing:
Garlic health benefits also include the aid for anti aging. The strong anti-oxidants present in garlic help in reducing the free radical build up in the skin, thus keeping it firm and youthful. It also contains sulphur, which helps the body to produce collagen which inturn helps in fighting wrinkles. Garlic also contains a large number of skin-protective polyphenols. Just crush some garlic pods and add the juice into your regular face masks for added goodness and preventing premature aging.
a. Enlarged pores are a common problem in aging skin. To minimize pores make a paste by mashing together half a tomato and 3-4 pods of garlic. Spread a thin layer of the paste onto your face. After 20 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water and seal your pores with a final splash of cold water. Tomato and garlic both have antiseptic qualities that help in unclogging the skin, minimizes pores and tightens the skin.
b. Consuming pill-size pieces of garlic every day also works great to protect the skin from damages caused by free radicals, oxidation, and environmental stressors that eventually results in wrinkles.

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