Which of your products is the best peel for Melasma?

Best peel for Melasma – The best treatment for Melasma consists of a combination of bleaching and exfoliation or light peels. Bleaching is not a fast process. Depending upon how dark the area is compared to the normal skin tone, it can take as along as one year or sometimes longer, but normally you will notice results within several weeks. By adding exfoliation (glycolic peels) in combination with hydroquinone, you can hasten the resolution of melasma. The Glycolic acid works to remove superficial pigmented skin cells and also eases penetration of the hydroquinone. I would recommend using a 2% or 4% hydroquinone twice daily and combine that with weekly glycolic peels. It is important to avoid sun exposure and use a SPF 30 sunblock when you will be exposed to the sun. Sun exposure will cause the brown pigment to reappear. The 4% hydroquinone is only available with a doctor’s prescription.You can also use mild lactic or salicylic peel in combination with hydroquinone.