How do I control the depth of a chemical peel?

Control depth of a chemical peel- It is always best to apply the chemical peel for the minimum recommended time or less, and continue to monitor your skin closely after applying the peel. If your skin turns white (frosts), you should always wash the peel off quickly. If the skin does frost, it typically means you have penetrated past the epidermis into the dermis, and the skin may darken or turn red before peeling off. Usually the results are very noticeable after a deeper peel has been performed. When using the salicylic peel, the white on the skin is typically not a frost, as micro amounts of salicylic stays on the surface as it is exposed to air when the alcohol evaporates, which has the appearance of a frost.

You can control the depth of a chemical peel by adjusting the application time or amount of layers used. Since most of our peels have an adjusted pH and are in a gel form you will not experience a frost. The recommended times are good starting points, as your skin sensitivity allows, you can increase the application time. Each time you apply a layer during a treatment, the peel will penetrate deeper into the skin until it reaches a certain point. Layers should be used approximately 1-3 minutes apart from each other, and should not exceed 5 layers for any peel. If you skin does burn and you experience excessive redness or swelling you should apply a good moisturizer, aloe vera, and ibuprofen and Tylenol can be used for inflammation.