Should I expect to see visible peeling following a Glycolic treatment?

In many people there is no visible peeling with a Glycolic 30% peel. Glycolic acid has a very small molecule, which is able to pass more easily through the outer layers of skin. The main benefit from glycolic acid is the stimulation of collagen beneath the stratum corneum. Other peels like the TCA, lactic or salicylic generally cause more visible peeling, but this depends on compactness the individuals stratum corneum. If you regularly exfoliate, chances are that you do not have an excess of skin, and the acids will be able to more easily penetrate, without the peeling effect. Glycolic acid only has the capacity to break down the gluey substance holding the dead skin onto the skin surface, not the skin itself; therefore it can not make the skin thinner. Glycolic acid can remove substantial amounts of dead skin build up, and the client may feel a dramatic difference, but it will not remove any more than the dead skin. Controlling Peel Depth You can control the depth of the peel by adjusting the application time. The recommended times are good starting points, as your skin sensitivity allows, you can increase the application time (do not exceed 10 minutes). Cleaning the face with an alcohol toner a few minutes before the peel will remove all surface oils from the skin and allow for a much more aggressive peel (its important that it is an alcohol/acetone type toner, witch hazel will not do). This can also cause a little stinging, and so is optional. Everyone’s skin is a little different, and often when someone is not experiencing results with the product a quick email, letting us know the individual situation, and what they are wanting is enough to resolve the problem.