How long is the recovery time after a skin peel?

The recovery time after a chemical peel depends on the type of peel administered, because each type of peel affects the skin to a different degree.

Light chemical peels or level 1 for our peels: These mild peels require virtually no recovery time. Though the skin may be mildly irritated after the peel, patients can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment. Occasionally there will be mild flaking of the skin, visible peeling is not always present. This depends on skin sensitivity, thickness, pH of peel, type of peel, how often you exfoliate etc..

Medium chemical peels or level 2 peels: The new layer of skin appears 3-4 days after treatment. About 5-6 days after treatment, the skin will be fully healed. During this time the outer skin will be mildly flaking off depending on how often you exfoliate and number of layers used with the peel. Visible peel is not always the case, but more often with these compared to level 1 peels.

Deep chemical peels: The new layer of skin begins to appear seven to ten days after treatment, though complete healing can take two months or longer. Patients typically take a week off from work after undergoing a deep chemical peel.