Is it necessary to moisturize after a peel treatment?

Because of the Kerolytic activity of a chemical peel you will notice some tightness and skin dryness after use. This is why it is recommended that you apply a non-irritating hydrating moisturizer to the treated area. The surface skin is being exfoliated, which means the new underlying skin will be more sensitive to the sun. It is necessary to apply a sunscreen of SPF 15+ if you will be outside.

I experienced a prolonged burning sensation following the use of the peel, what should I do?

You first need to make sure you have washed your face completely and removed all traces of the peel with water. If the peel is left on the face, it will continue to penetrate the skin, causing irritation. Once the peel has been removed, your skin should only stay a pinkish or reddish color (similar to that of a sunburn) for 5-30 minutes. If you have performed a deeper or stronger peel, it may last longer than 30 min. You should wait at least 3-4 weeks before applying a peel again. This will allow the new skin to fully regenerate before attempting another peel procedure. Upon applying the peel to your skin again you should reduce the application time. Start with 30 seconds and work up. As your skin becomes accustomed to the treatment you may increase application time and/or number of layers as you become comfortable.