What are the differences between AHA’s and BHA’s?

AHA vs. BHA chemical peels Learning about Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is good. Part of the decision-making process will include a thorough consultation, with many factors playing a role. The skin’s condition, thickness, past UV exposure, and ethnicity, ability to have down time, budget, are amongst many. AHA is the gold standard. Derived naturally from sources such as sour milk (lactic) or sugar cane (glycolic), AHA will aid in cell renewal, reducing superficial lines, address minor hyperpigmentation, and are pretty mild with no down time. BHA (Salicylic) is key in clearing blocked pores, skin brightening, refining texture, eliminating p-acne bacteria, and is an amazing anti-inflammatory. Overuse of any chemical can exacerbate any condition so a prudent approach will yield great results. Factors which will play a role in the overall result is pre-treatment and post care, overuse, and thickness of the stratum corneum to name a few. These treatments will work best when done in a series.