Which product is best for reducing the appearance of scars?

Reducing Scars – Scars are very difficult to remove. Scars are formed below the outer most layer of skin, which makes them deeper than problems such as acne. You have to be careful that when treating the scar to reduce its appearance, you do not use an overly aggressive treatment regimen. The best peel for scar treatment is the TCA peel and Lactic Peel. The TCA acts in two ways which helps to reduce the scar appearance. It helps remove the outer layers of the skin forming the scar and it works beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production which thickens the skin and reduces the appearance of the scar. It may not completely remove a scar, but its appearance can be greatly improved and its size diminished. For superficial scars, the Glycolic or lactic would be a good choice. The Glycolic stimulates collagen growth slightly better, while the Lactic has the edge at treating Hyperpigmentation. Most scars are noticeable because of the pigmentation differences, and this is most treatable through chemical peels. Large scars will require more invasive procedures from a doctor for the desired result.