Which of your products is best for freckled skin?

Chemical Peels…and Patience Treating freckles or pigmentation is a gradual process. You should start to notice some changes within a couple weeks, but the progress is incremental. For pigmentation problems I would recommend the Lactic 50% Acid peel or the Glycolic Acid. Both of these products are safe for use on dark skin, and are effective against hyperpigmentation. The Glycolic 30% gel peel also contains Glycolic acid which helps to stimulate collagen in the epidermis causing a reduction in lines and fuller skin. By getting the combination you can get both in one treatment. When you first start, apply it to a test area for 1 minute and then rinse off. Wait 24 hours, and if no problems you can apply the peel. I would apply once a week at first, and adjust according to your individual skin sensitivity. Prevention is the Best Cure Please remember that pigmentation can only be effectively treated if you use a sunscreen. Sun exposure combined with other factors is the primary cause of sun spots, and no treatment will help without good sun protection and avoidance. Any sunscreen with SPF 30+ will be sufficient to protect your skin from over-exposure to the sun.