How does a Salicylic peel work to improve the skin?

Salicylic peel: Your skin is made up of several layers of dead skin cells called the epidermis. The salicylic acid works by breaking down the intracellular glue that connects the epidermal skin cells.

This is the result we are trying to achieve. The peels dissolves the outer layers of skin in a controlled manner. With each application of the Salicylic acid a few more layers are removed.

People with thicker skin can often use the Salicylic acid more frequently at first as they remove the built up layers of skin. As the layers of skin are removed, the body will start generating new skin cells to replace the old ones. As the excess layers of skin are removed you will need to lessen the frequency of application to prevent irritation (If you remove too much skin you will turn cherry red and your skin will be very sensitive like when sunburned). We recommend using sunscreen and/or moisturizer to the treated area after each use.