Sun exposure and tanning need to be avoided while using chemical peels. Does this mean I can never go out in the sun or tan again?

Current public opinion seems to think that a tanned appearance is more aesthetically pleasing than a natural flesh skin tone. However, tanning and depigmenting the skin (which is one of the effects of the peels) do not go together. Staying out of the sun and avoiding its harsh UV rays will help to reduce your risk of skin cancer and will help to prolong a more youthful appearance of your skin’s texture. Did you know that avoiding the sun is the best thing you can do for you skin? Harmful rays from the sun causes wrinkles, age spots, and dark spots. 10 minutes is the recommended amount of time by physicians and dermatologists to be under the sun everyday since the sun helps promote Vitamin D when UV-B rays hit the skin. It’s a lifestyle choice that you need to make for yourself. However, after using chemical peels, we highly recommend staying out of the sun. Even application of sunblock on your skin is highly recommended.