Will I see visible peeling after the treatment?

It is not necessary to see visible peeling with a chemical peel. This is a common misconception. Improvements in the texture, tone and overall appearance of the skin take place whether or not peeling occurs. Peeling is done on the cellular level, that is why most times it is not always seen. If you do experience visible peeling, it is typically in the form of small white flakes. Many people want to see visible peeling until they experience it. With stronger peels and lower pH levels, there is a greater chance to see visible peeling, and with that there is longer downtimes as you cannot leave the house. With visible peeling on stronger peels they are much more risky, and potential burns can occur or unwanted side effects as it penetrates the skin deeper. It is better to use a less aggressive peel more often and you can achieve similar results without the higher risk, as an extremely strong peel with a low pH. Additionally if you exfoliate on a regular basis, you may see very little to no visible peeling as the peel does not need to penetrate through the dead skin cell surface layers. Generally the TCA peels such as the Revitaboost is going to have a greater chance for visible peeling or depending on your skin type and skin thickness etc.. you may experience it with a lower strength peel.