We wear “Bright” after Labor Day: 6 Easy Steps to Brightening your Skin

We wear “Bright” after Labor Day: 6 Easy Steps to Brightening your Skin

1) CLEANSE – The first step to getting glowing skin is to cleanse properly. Being outdoors and in the heat can make your face more susceptible to breakouts. Gently cleanse your face twice a day to wash away dirt and oil. Frequent cleansing is bound to dehydrate your face of essential oils, so moisturize your skin on a daily basis. If you have oily skin, you may skip this step. If your skin is on the dry side, moisturize regularly with a face lotion that contains SPF protection.

2) STAY HYDRATED – Water cleanses the body and flushes the blood of harmful toxins. Water will also increase blood flow, giving you radiant and glowing all day long. Try drinking two or more liters of water a day, this will keep your skin hydrated and curb your appetite.

It’s not only what you apply to the surface of your skin that can affect the way it looks. A healthy lifestyle is an important factor in achieving healthy skin. Diet, exercise, and getting the proper amount of rest are necessary steps to a natural, glowing complexion.

3) EATING HEALTHY – Eating a balanced diet will truly increase your skin’s health. Healthy eating ensures a proper balance of body nutrients that are essential to healthy skin. Stay away from processed sugars and greasy, fried foods that are high in fat. Stick to fruits and vegetables – it will not only help your skin, but also contribute to your overall health.

4) EXERCISE REGULARLY – Skin care experts say that breaking a sweat three or more times a week will enhance your skin’s health. Sweating removes dead skin cells and promotes collagen regeneration. Collagen is the good (magical) stuff that makes your skin firm and reduces wrinkles. So hit the gym or the park with a friend and break a sweat.

5) GET REST – Nothing is more noticeably damaging to your face’s overall appearance than not getting a good night’s sleep. Work your schedule to allow for 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. This “beauty sleep” is highly beneficial to your skin and will help keep the areas around your eyes tight and fresh.

6) EXFOLIATE- Use Perfect Image’s Hydro-Glo Peel Pads. It specifically helps brighten skin by targeting dark spots and evening out skin tones. Since these come in pre-soaked pads, they are so easy to use! Get them here.

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